Signage Process

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  • Step 1


    First, we check for several considerations to plan the requested sign. Then, our full-service design team makes sure you get the exact design you admire. Finally, they plan for unlimited possibilities and time a particular sign will take, and that’s how to reveal time, cost, and exception of design.

  • Step 2

    Final Art & Down Payment

    In the second step, we start the process of recreating. After the client has a final design, we work on it as per their imagination. The artwork begins after the down payment; however, we have flexible payment options.

  • Step 3


    The following process is the most complex one, as every sign needs to take permission from the state and city administration for installing any sign. In addition, the time in the consent could vary from location to location. However, we have been working for years at KP sign with national accounts and sites through our networks that help us with permits, regardless.

  • Step 4


    Once we get the permit for the sign manufacturing, we start the production. Again, we use high-quality materials that have several features of our facilities, including:

    Industrial routing for complex and duplication of product.

    Machinery for rapid creation of projects.

    EPA-approved painting technology.

    Professional team of sign creators.

  • Step 5


    The ending process of installation begins after the production. Our network allows us for easy sign installation across the country. We have specialized installation equipment that offers a rapid installation that is sustainable. In addition, the complete installation warranty makes it more concrete for our clients to solve their problems if they have any issues with installed signs.