Boost Your Real Estate Business with Greeting Cards

18 Jul 2016

Few professionals get to know their clients so well in a short period as real estate agents. In a matter of weeks, days or even minutes, real estate agents learn what their clients want from their most cherished and intimate environment: Their homes. Since a real estate agent’s relationships with his or her clients are so personal, greeting cards are the perfect marketing medium.

Here’s how real estate agents can use greeting cards to boost business:

Know how to use greeting cards

Greeting cards are not direct-mail sales pieces like postcards. They’re not even branders like many billboards. Instead, greeting cards represent a unique opportunity to connect with your clients on a personal level other marketing mediums can’t match. The sentiment attached to greeting cards not only lets your clients know you truly care about them; it helps them remember you when their friends are asking for advice. A single greeting card can have emotional effect, but it’s the long-term use of greeting cards that pays big dividends.

Add a personal touch

Print custom greeting cards that reflect and brand you and your business, but handwrite your messages so they have more influence. Matching envelopes printed with your company logo are perfect, especially when the address is handwritten. The combination of professional materials with a personal touch lends credibility and appreciation.

Your message should be personal as well. Mention something unique to your client or bring up an interesting conversation point you discussed. This shows that you’re not only interested in your clients, but dedicated to helping them achieve their goals.

Include a gift

Instead of selling your clients something, use your greeting cards to send a gift as a token of appreciation. The more personal, the better. If you know your client enjoys fine wines, send a three-month subscription to a wine-of-the-month club. Gifts aren’t limited to recent home sale clients, either. Let’s say you are helping a client relocate to your city, and she mentions she likes to dine out. Send her a gift card to a local restaurant so she can experience the local flavor – maybe she’ll want to purchase a home nearby!

Send during the off-season

So many businesses send greeting cards during the holiday – and even on client birthdays ? that they seem obligatory and lose their luster. Try sending your greeting cards to celebrate a special life event for you or your client, or just send a round of greeting cards out of the blue. Unexpected greeting cards are easily remembered.

Print with professional materials

The sentiment of a greeting card is unsurpassed, no matter what form it’s in. Still, you have a business image to uphold, so make sure you print your greeting cards with a professional printing company such as PsPrint, which offers 16-point gloss and 13-point recycled matte paper stocks, matching envelopes, and several sizing options so you can choose from traditional sizes to attention-getting oversized greeting cards.

Use these tips to send greeting cards to your clients, and you’ll boost your business in a powerful new way.